Rotary Oven by electric, Diesel or LPG gas

Rotary Oven by electric, Diesel or LPG gas

Precautions for maintenance of rotary oven:
1. Before maintenance, unplug the power plug and cut off the power. Only after the furnace has cooled can it be cleaned. It is not allowed to use acidic clean water for cleaning.
2. Frequently clean the oil stains in the box with a dry cloth, not with water. Take out the grill (tray) from the inner chamber and wash it in water equipped with cleaning liquid. After wiping the inner chamber with dry cloth, clean it with dry and wet cloth. It is strictly prohibited to wash it with water.
3. Apply grease to the movable parts of the door hinge for at least one year to maintain lubrication.
4. Testing or maintenance must be carried out regularly by experienced professional technicians. (Recommended once a month)
5. You should carefully read the operating instructions to understand the performance, purpose, and operation methods of the oven. The operating instructions should be properly stored for future reading.
Features of rotary ovens
1. Full stainless steel panel structure, never rust, sturdy and durable;
2. Fully sealed overall high-temperature resistant material insulation structure, with good insulation performance and short heating time;
3. Built-in fully automatic temperature control probe, efficient baking heating tube, fast heating time, and long working life;
4. The furnace temperature can be arbitrarily adjusted within the range of 20 ℃ to 350 ℃, and it can automatically maintain a constant temperature. Put on a protective coat for your machine to protect it from overheating.

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