how to make meat ball?

  • how to make meatball?

Our company’s meatball processing production line adopts international advanced technology, can produce pork balls, beef balls, mutton balls, Gongwan, chicken breast balls, vegetable balls, and other pills. The produced balls have good taste, elasticity and long boiling time. All the equipment are made of high-quality stainless steel with beautiful appearance, generous, safe and simple operation, which is convenient for disassembly, assembly, and cleaning.

Introduction of equipment:

1. Pre-processing of frozen meat: It can be thawed artificially and naturally, and thawing machine is used to produce a large amount of frozen meat.

2. Frozen meat planer: The machine uses a cutting knife to rotate at high speed, and cuts frozen meat into slices of different thickness. The meat is cut into slices without thawing (the temperature of the meat is between – 7 ~4 C), which eliminates the thawing process of frozen meat and improves work efficiency.

3. Frozen meat grinder: According to the different material properties and processing technology, the machine can be equipped with corresponding cutters and orifice plates to process different sizes of particles to meet the technological requirements of the next process.

4. Chopper mixer: Chopper chooses imported materials and is processed by special technology, which has the characteristics of high hardness, wear resistance and good toughness. The key parts are processed by machine processing center to ensure the accuracy of processing. The clearance between the tooltip and the chopper is 1.5-2 mm, and the effect of meat chopping and emulsification is good. The bearing of the cutter shaft adopts two seals to ensure good lubrication of the rotating part of the cutter shaft and smooth rotation. The whole machine adopts good dynamic and static balance, low noise and low vibration.

5. Beater: It is designed with large torque and heavy load transmission, and it works stably. The barrel is turned over by hydraulic lifting, and the barrel has the function of turning over automatically. It is convenient to take and clean materials. The material barrel adopts double-layer thermal insulation, which makes the slurry in the barrel not easy to rise in temperature and has a better effect.

6. Meatball production line: It consists of five parts: shaping, cooking, cooling, transmission system, and frequency conversion control. The water in the forming tank and the cooking tank is heated by the steam pipe in the tank. The water temperature is controlled by a high temperature and high-pressure valve through regulating the steam flow. The water temperature of the forming tank is 85 C, and the water temperature of the cooking tank is about 95 C. The water in the molding trough forms water flow through the hot water circulating pump, which makes the pellets coming from the meatball machine flow to the end of the molding trough soon. This flow process controls the flow rate of water by regulating the valve to achieve the control of the pellet flow and quick freezing, so as to achieve the ideal molding state of the meatball.

7. Quick-freezing machine: Tunnel type quick-freezing machine adopts international advanced quick-freezing technology, frequency conversion speed regulation. High-quality stainless steel mesh belt, high elastic stainless steel wire, flat surface, strong load-bearing capacity; frequency converter step-less adjustment of transmission speed

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