Meat mixer are ready for delivery

this is 150L Meat Mixer Machine
what does the machine can do?
Meat Mixing Machine is perfect for heavy duty meat prep!
the Meat stuffings can be mixed by this machine. You can save more energy and time, moreover,
the stuffing will be mixed evenly.

 Stainless steel construction, Removable stainless steel paddles for easy cleaning.

This food mixer is a food-processing machine specially designed for processing various chopped or ground food such as sausage meat or potatoes or cole slaw.
It has two pairs of paddles that rotate and reverse to ensure uniform blending.
All the parts contacting the food directly are made of stainless steel or are specially plated to meet the national hygiene standard.
The product is ideal for commercial use. Chain-driven for sure mixing!
Full One Year Parts Warranty.

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