1500kg/h Commercial Grape Crusher Crushing Machine


1500kg/h Commercial Grape Crusher Crushing Machine

Model Capacity stems crusher Size Weight
(t/h) (kw) (kw) (mm) (kg)
PS-0.5 0.5 1.1 1300*550*1320 150
PS-1.5 1.5~2 1.1 0.55 1413*600*1230 500
PS-5 5~7 1.5 0.75 1840*630*1350 620
PS-10 8~10 2.2 1.1 2290*840*1580 765
PS-20 10~20 5.5 1.1 2340*910*1800 935
PS-30 20~30 5.5 1.5 3050*1000*1800 1025
PS-50 30~50 7.5 2.2 3700*1130*1900 1500

Technical characteristics:
1, spiral quantitative delivery; first in addition to the broken stalk;
2, in addition to stalk and in addition to the stalk of the sieve are stepless speed, the length of the screen is longer, can be adapted to a variety of grape varieties, the discharge machine outside the fruit stem with less fruit;
3, the crushing device is located in the lower part of the rotary sieve, the crushing roller is made of nonpoisonous and high elastic rubber, and the crushing device is connected with the machine body in a quick way, which is beneficial to the internal cleaning;
4, lose pump for mobile health type single screw pump is installed in the lower part of the device is broken, which is connected with the host, easy to move.

Crusher is special equipment for processing fresh grape in grape wine factory. The product of grape in addition to the stem, broken, conveying fruit pulp and other operations, is the ideal grape pre-processing equipment. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel with the contact part and the exposed part of the grape. Currently, there are 0.5-50 tons / when a variety of models for the user to choose.


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