25~60kg/day Juicer Bar Ice cuber Making Machine

  • Enhanced durable body and stainless steel cabinet
  • A compact design ideal for a bar or under counter application
  • Foamed-in-place insulation, good heat preservation and easy to clean.
  • Compressor and foamed base insulation can reduce noises effectively.
  • Freon–free R22/R134a refrigerant, a new healthy ice-making mode.
  • Arc stainless steel exterior with ABS materials provides a pleasant, durable surface for long life.
  • Bin doors slide up and hold on the top allowing unobstructed access to the ice bin.
  • Air from a cooling condenser sucked and extracted from the front panel, especially suitable for under counter mounting.
  • Micro-computer automatic control system assures secure and stable performance.


25~60kg/day Juicer Bar Ice cuber Making Machine

Product features

  • Thicker insulation material and stainless steel design.
  • push-up door style; compact machine size suitable for small space.Luxury
    and beautiful appearance.
  • Industry-leading nickel plated copper evaporator, shorter ice freezing and
    harvest time, more ice production
  • Front air intake and outtake, opening hole on side panel help heat sliding out more efficiently. Easy to clean and extend the service life of the machine.
  • Using advanced noise reduction technology to reduce noise by more than 15%.
    Overall food-grade PE inner liner, Obtained EU CE certification.

    Model Voltage Power Refrigerant Production
    (kg / day)
    Ice Sotrage Cube (mm) Size (mm)
    LB-55S 220 V 260 W R134a/190g 25 kg 20 kg 22*22*22
    LB-80S 220 V 320 W R134a/200g 40 kg 20 kg 22*22*22
    LB-100S 220 V 350 W R134a/310g 50 kg 27 kg 22*22*22
    LB-120S 220 V 420 W R134a/260g 60 kg 27 kg 22*22*22

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